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The National Air Repair system of mold removal is the future of Mold Remediation. This unique system has over 5 years of complete success.  It’s guaranteed to remove all types of mold, including toxic black mold from your home or building safely, quickly and with less cost than traditional methods. 


In most cases, home and business owners do not have to relocate while the remediation process takes place, nor do they have to have drywall and furnishings removed and incur additional reconstruction or refurnishing costs. Put simply, most of the time we are in and out in a day. But hurry! Mold left untreated will continue to grow and cause more damage.

If you smell or see signs of mold, call us at


What can you expect after you call National Air Repair?

After you call us one of our certified technicians will come to your home or office and perform an indoor air quality analysis.  We will also assess the property and determine where hidden mold may be growing.  We have a systematic approach to detect indoor air quality problems stemming from moisture related defects and can provide a solution to fix the underlying cause of the problem.  We can show you the results right away, but we still send a sample to an independent third-party tester to confirm the results and prepare a report for you to decide what, if any, steps you would like to take next.  

Should mold be present, we will provide you with a detailed quote for remediation including removal of the visible mold and airborne spores.  Note that we don't have to remove any walls or require you to leave your home or office for an extended period of time, unlike other companies, nor do you need to remove any personal belongings from the home.  Often buildings can be treated and ready for you to return the same day.  When we are done removing the mold an independent air quality test will confirm that the mold has been completely removed and your life can return to normal.

Natural amounts of mold spores exist in any outdoor environment, but it's only when these spores start to grow in an indoor environment that possible health concerns arise.  At National Air Repair we aim to reduce the indoor mold spore counts to be equal to or less than the outdoor counts.  We can provide an indoor and outdoor sample before starting the work and after the work is completed for comparison.  

Methods of mold "removal" that we DON'T use:

Fogging with Microbial and Painting.  This is MILDEWCIDE, a mildew preventative additive for paint that is applied to the area.  Anyone looking to purchase this property will have questions regarding the white sealant. ​This remediation technique draws unwanted attention to a previous problem. The mold stain will be covered but not completely removed.  Mold can in fact return under the paint creating a bigger problem down the line.

Sanding and Fogging.  This is very time consuming and actually weakens the structure of the roof.  Attic mold is feeding on the roof sheathing and what you can see with the naked eye are millions and millions of them clumped together. What you can’t see are the “roots” of the organism itself. The roots of mold grow into the substrate at least 3/16 of an inch. You can't hope to solve a mold problem leaving these roots and treating only the surface of the wood! In order to remove this root structure you would have to sand off 3/16th of an inch which can greatly weaken the roof structure.

Soda Blasting.  This is a very expensive process.  All attic insulation needs to be removed, soda blasting all visible mold occurs, all surfaces are HEPA vacuumed, then the attic needs to be reinsulated.  Soda Blasting removes the visible mold but does not penetrate into the porous wood in the attic to eliminate the mold root structure. 




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