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Are You Sure Your Tumblers Are Clean?

We all know that reusable mugs and straws are the way to go. Are you sure that what you're drinking from is actually clean? Just because you toss them in the dishwasher doesn't mean that it is.

Many travel mugs have removable seals to lock in the heat or keep drinks cold. If they're not properly cleaned and dried, mold can start to grow inside those moist seals. Every sip of coffee could include mold if your lid hasn't been properly cleaned.

To prevent mold, Carolyn Forte, Director of the Home Appliance and Cleaning Products at The Good Housekeeping Institute recommends hand scrubbing any areas that your dishwasher can't reach. This means taking the tumbler apart and scrubbing all the pieces by hand in hot, soapy water to be 100% sure they're clean.

She also recommends putting the travel mug in the dishwasher BEFORE washing it by hand. Water from the dishwasher can actually get trapped in the seals and cause mold to grow.

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