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Out in the Open

If you think about the surfaces in your home, how many items are sitting out in the open with no lid or cover? Maybe you forgot to close the bag of bread this morning, left your toothpaste open on the bathroom counter, have those leftovers cooling off before they go in the fridge, or maybe you're just trying out a new open concept way of living.

But what you may not know is the possibility of airborne mold spores in your home. You may not have visible mold in your home but it's what's in the air that also counts. You physically cannot see the mold spores in your home but the lungs of the home and your lungs can feel it.

So those open bread bags, toothpaste tubes, and leftovers are picking up the spores and as far fetched as that may sound, it's the truth. You don't want to be putting mold spores through your body when you are already breathing them in.

Here at National Air Repair, we can do an inspection of your home. We will test your indoor air quality (IAQ) to see what we are up against. This inspection is done with you. We want to show you exactly what we do and be able to point out what we are seeing as we are going through the process of testing your home. At the end of the inspection we can give you results right away, no more having to wait 2 weeks just to hear the news and possible ways to go about fixing it.

Besides bread bags, toothpaste tubes, and leftovers what other things do you leave out in the open on a day to day basis? In many homes, toothbrushes and makeup sit out in the open in the bathroom. Toothbrushes sitting out with no cover is a big problem. Not only are you allowing those germs to fly out of the toilet every time you flush and land on the toothbrush, but you are also putting those germs and bacteria into your mouth. Mold is commonly found in bathrooms because of not turning on the fan often enough and your toothbrush could be holding mold spores as well. Makeup brushes to are often sitting in the open making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

All of this information on what happens when you leave products in the open uncovered and what can you do with this? Well you can be aware of all of this in your home. Close the bread bag, close the toothpaste, put the leftovers away sooner rather than later, and put your toothbrush away but let it dry out completely first as mold grows quickly in damp and closed environments, and put your makeup in a bag that's closed. These aren't hard or impossible changes to make and it just takes a little effort to make them happen.

If you do have more questions on all things mold, IAQ, or home inspections, give us a call today at 1-844-366-6653

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