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What Makes Removing Mold So Difficult?

Like most people, you see a little bit of mold in your home and you think you can just wipe it down with some bleach and be done with it. Sounds logical...that's what people have been saying for years.

So why, in most cases, does the mold keep coming back?

First of all, most types of mold grow and spread very quickly. The process of cleaning up mold can actually disperse the spores and spread them to other areas and into the air. When spores are in the air they can attach to clothing and hair and be transported to other rooms in your home.

Secondly, mold can grow in places that are hard to spot like inside your walls and ceiling or inside your ductwork. If you can't find it, you can't remove it yourself. Even if you know you have mold in these places it can be difficult, and in a lot of places costly, to get to it to remove it.

Finally, doing mold removal on your own increases your exposure to potentially harmful mold spores by stirring them up. It's necessary to remove the mold to prevent illness but without the proper equipment the very process can make mold exposure symptoms worse.

If you know or suspect you might have mold it's always best to consult with a mold remediation specialist like National Air Repair.

We will come to your home, inspect the moldy areas and take air quality samples, answer any questions and discuss all options to remove the mold. It never hurts to benefit from some expert advice!

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